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Your Quick Solution To A Beautifully Functional Custom Closet That Maximizes Your Space And Simplifies Your Life

Closet Design Done Right

You know the feeling…walking into a cheap, poorly-designed closet.

Either is is not very appealing to the eye or it doesn’t utilize the space it offers very well at all. Or both.

That’s where New Closet Today comes in.

Our highly experienced team ensures that your storage and organization needs are met with beautifully functional closet solutions that are typically scheduled within 1-2 weeks, installed in just 1 day, and best of all, costs less than the competition.

When you partner with New Closet Today, there is no lengthy or confusing process. Everything is done for you from design, to planning, to install, to cleanup.

All you have to do is organize your belongings just the way you imagined and enjoy a beautiful, clutter-free space that helps simplify your life every day.


Custom-designed Simplicity for Effortless Organization

Once you schedule your free consultation, our friendly and experienced designer will come to your home to measure your space and discuss your needs.

Then, using our state-of-the-art software, they will create a completely custom design which allows you to see what your finished project will look like in 3D.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of colors, features and options and, once everything is to your liking, your designer will present you with a proposal that includes your designs and price quote.

After you approve your design, we’ll schedule your installation, usually within just a week or two of your approval.

Our clean and courteous installers will arrive and introduce themselves, put down floor protection in traffic and work areas, remove your old shelving, and install your new closet system efficiently and professionally, leaving everything clean behind them – usually all in less than a day.

Isn’t it time to enjoy your new closet and the experience joy of having a beautifully organized space? Let’s get started today!

You Don’t Have To Be Stuck With A Clunky Closet

At New Closet Today You’ll Enjoy…

Beautiful Design

Maximum Functionality

Quality Craftsmanship

Quick Scheduling

Seamless Process

Expedited Installation

Affordable Rates

Satisfaction Guaranteed

It’s Easy To Get Started

Step Into A More Organized Space With "New Closet Today"

You'll Quickly Get Rid of the Clutter, Gain More Room, and Simplify Your Everyday Living

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All Materials Made In The USA

Built in HALF the Time for Less Than Anywhere Else